Shada Alsalamah

Visiting Scholar, MIT Media Lab; Assistant Professor of Information Systems Security, College of Computer and Information Science, King Saud University

Shada Alsalamah is an assistant professor of health care information systems security at King Saud University (Saudi Arabia). She is currently a visiting scholar at MIT Media Lab, joining Alex “Sandy” Pentland’s Human Dynamics group. In 2017, Alsalamah became vice president of the mHealth Solutions Division of AnmarIT and, one year later, a chief health info and security officer of MedEra. Through her work, she contributes to the global health care sector modernization movement by developing secure, mobile, and intelligent solutions for emerging health care delivery models using blockchain and open algorithms. Alsalamah has been a keynote speaker at a number of international events.

Videos/Audio of Shada Alsalamah

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