Richard Thompson Ford

A leading expert on civil rights and anti-discrimination law, Richard Thompson Ford has distinguished himself as an insightful voice in the ongoing cultural dialogue involving race and multiculturalism. His academic inquiry has focused on the definition of political and legal boundaries as instruments of social regulation and as cultural phenomena, with a particular emphasis on the racial and demographic implications of these structures. In addition, he is interested in humanities and the law and the intersection of critical theory and the law. Before joining the Stanford Law School faculty in 1994, Professor Ford was a Reginald Lewis Fellow at Harvard Law School, a litigation associate with Morrison & Foerster, and a housing policy consultant for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has also been the Commissioner of the Housing Authority of San Francisco. Ford is the George E. Osborne Professor of Law at Stanford Law School. He has published regularly on the topics of civil rights, constitutional law, race relations, and antidiscrimination law. He is the author of The Race Card: How Bluffing about Race Makes Race Relations Worse and Racial Culture: A Critique

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