Poonacha Machaiah

Co-Founder, JIYO

Poonacha Machaiah is co-founder with Deepak Chopra of JIYO, a social wellbeing platform.

He founded ABOVE (A Bunch of Versatile Entrepreneurs), co-founded the social enterprise WeightLess Project, and was instrumental in founding India’s social media start-up Qyuki, where he was CEO. With over 20 years of experience, Machaiah uses approaches from the commercial world and employs technology to tackle social problems. He has held senior leadership positions in global sales and business development with Sasken, Motorola, Visionael, Iridium, and Dimension Enterprises (acquired by Nortel Networks in 2000). He is on the advisory board of the Chopra Foundation and transmedia mentor at XMedia Lab, a digital media think tank.

Videos/Audio of Poonacha Machaiah

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