Peter Drobac

Co-Founder and Executive Director, University of Global Health Equity, Partners in Health; Associate Physician, Division of Global Health Equity, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Instructor of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Peter Drobac is co-founder and executive director of the University of Global Health Equity, Partners In Health’s university in Rwanda. An internist, pediatrician, and infectious disease specialist, he practices through Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Global Health Equity and teaches global health and social medicine at Harvard Medical School. As director of Partners In Health’s Rwanda program, Drobac helped establish community-based health system incubators that developed care-delivery innovations—many of which were brought to national scale. His role in transforming Rwanda’s health system has helped a million people emerge from extreme poverty. The University of Global Health Equity was established to disseminate Rwanda’s lessons across borders. 


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