Paul Solman

is the business and economics correspondent for “PBS NewsHour.” Solman has been the business reporter at WGBH Boston since 1977, was named a member of TV Guide’s “Dream Team” of TV reporters, and was the co-originator and executive editor of PBS’s business documentary series, “ENTERPRISE.” His work has won numerous awards, including Emmys in every decade since the ’70s and two Peabodys, the most recent in 2004 for his reporting on the undercounting of unemployment. Solman has also served on the Harvard Business School faculty. He co-authored Life and Death on the Corporate Battlefield (Simon & Schuster, 1983), and, with sociologist Morrie Schwartz, Solman helped create Morrie: In His Own Words (Walker & Co., 1999), which preceded Tuesdays With Morrie but did not outsell it—by several orders of magnitude.

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