Nick Denton

Nick Denton is founder of Gawker Media, a group of online media titles, including Gawker, the Manhattan gossip sheet, and Gizmodo, the guide to cutting-edge gadgets. Gawker's nine properties draw more than 20 million visitors per month. Before building a media business out of blogs, Denton founded two Internet ventures in the late 1990s: Moreover Technologies, the news search provider, acquired by Verisign; and First Tuesday, the Internet events and networking business, which was also sold. Denton began his media career as a reporter for The Economist and Financial Times during the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. While Financial Times’ investment-banking correspondent, Denton co-wrote All That Glitters: The Fall of Barings (Penguin Books Ltd., 1996), the account of the rogue trader who brought down Barings Bank.

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