Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz is a graduate leader in YouthBuild, a youth and community-development program that addresses core issues facing low-income communities. In YouthBuild programs, low-income young people ages 16–24 work toward their GED or high school diploma, learn job skills, and serve their communities by building affordable. Diaz was homeless, involved with gangs, a high school dropout, and five months pregnant when she joined YouthBuild. Two weeks after giving birth to her son, Diaz passed her GED test. For her achievements, she earned a Leadership Award at YouthBuild USA’s annual Alumni Xchange. Inspired by her son, Diaz is pursuing a nursing degree so that she can work with babies born addicted or mentally or physically impaired. She now works for the Latin American Youth Center, the sponsoring organization of her YouthBuild program.

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