Myshkin Ingawale

Senior Domain Expert, 14C; Co-Founder, Biosense Technologies

Myshkin Ingawale is a senior domain expert and advisor at the Inter Institutional Inclusive Innovation Center (I4C). Ingawale co-founded Biosense Technologies, a med-tech company known for its affordable health focus and handheld diagnostics for the developing world. He was part of the Copenhagen Wheel team at MIT that conceptualized and built a first-of-its kind hybrid electric bicycle wheel, spun off as the venture-capital-funded company SuperPedestrian. Ingawale has worked at McKinsey and Company and Nokia, and he co-authored the book Unreasonable Fellows, about social entrepreneurship. He holds a doctorate in management information systems and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Videos/Audio of Myshkin Ingawale

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