Meg Jay

Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor of Education, University of Virginia; Author, Supernormal: The Untold Story of Adversity and Resilience

Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist and an associate professor of education at University of Virginia. The author of The Defining Decade and Supernormal, she writes books that challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about development, changing how we think about topics such as whether our twenties matter and how resilience works and feels. Jay’s work has appeared in numerous media outlets including The Wall Street JournalThe New York Times, Los Angeles TimesUSA TodayPsychology Today, and on CBS, BBC, and NPR. Her TED talk, “Why 30 Is Not the New 20,” has been viewed more than ten million times.

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Nearly 75 percent of us experience some significant adversity by the age of 20, but these experiences are often kept... See more