Martin Eakes

Co-Founder and CEO, Self-Help Credit Union; CEO, Center for Responsible Lending

Martin Eakes is CEO of Self-Help, a community development lender and credit union that he co-founded in 1980, and the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), a Self-Help affiliate dedicated to protecting home ownership and family wealth. In 1998, Eakes helped form the Coalition for Responsible Lending, a group of 120 CEOs from financial institutions and organizations in North Carolina, whose work led to the nation’s first anti-predatory mortgage-lending law in North Carolina in 1999, as well as the creation of CRL. Eakes serves on the Ford Foundation Board of Trustees, Bank of America National Community Advisory Council, and Institute for Minority Economic Development. His numerous honors include a MacArthur Fellowship.

Videos/Audio of Martin Eakes

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