Mara G. Aspinall

Founder, Director, and Former CEO, On-Q-Ity

Mara G. Aspinall is founder, director, and former CEO of On-Q-ity, an innovative personalized medicine company focused on transforming cancer lifecycle management through advanced diagnostics. On-Q-ity is developing noninvasive circulating tumor cell diagnostics that will identify the unique characteristics of an individual’s cancer to predict response to therapy, monitor the efficacy of treatment, and identify early recurrence in multiple cancer types. Previously, Aspinall was president of Genzyme Genetics, a leading provider of testing in the oncology and reproductive markets. An active participant in the health-care policy community, Aspinall is a founding director of the European Personalized Medicine organization and a director of the US Personalized Medicine Coalition. She served for four years as an active member of the federal secretary of health and human services’ Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society. Aspinall currently holds an appointment as lecturer in health-care policy at Harvard Medical School.

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