Maajid Nawaz

Co-Founder and Chairman, Quilliam; Author, Radical

Maajid Nawaz is co-founder and chairman of Quilliam, a think tank focusing on integration, citizenship and identity, religious freedom, extremism, and immigration. A counter-extremism consultant, writer, debater, and public commentator, his work is informed by years spent as a youth leader of an Islamist group and gradual transformation toward liberal democratic values. Nawaz’s speaking engagements include Pakistani universities, the US Senate, and TED. His autobiography is titled Radical, and his writing appears in publications including The London Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, India Times, and Dawn Pakistan. He is an adjunct fellow of IACSP-CSS South East Asia center and an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society. 

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Today, Maajid Nawaz leads a think tank focusing on such things as citizenship and identity, religious freedom, and... See more