Lynda Resnick

Vice Chairman, Roll Global; Trustee, The Aspen Institute

Lynda Resnick is vice chairman of Roll Global and the marketing innovator behind POM Wonderful pomegranate products. She and her husband, Stewart, also own Paramount Farms (Wonderful Pistachios), Paramount Citrus (Wonderful Halos mandarins), Teleflora, FIJI Water, JUSTIN Vineyards, and Landmark Vineyards. In 2010, Resnick turned her philanthropic attention to California’s Central Valley, where many of her company’s employees live and work. Her efforts include initiatives focusing on K-12 and college and career readiness as well as programs that nurture future leaders and transform low-income, underserved towns into hopeful, vibrant communities. She is a trustee of the Aspen Institute.

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