Leslie A. Dach

Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Walmart

Leslie Dach is executive vice president of corporate affairs for Walmart. He is a member of the company’s executive council, and is responsible for public policy, reputation management, corporate communications, philanthropy, government relations, and the company’s social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. He also manages the company’s global security, aviation, and travel departments. Dach has been responsible for the development of initiatives such as Walmart’s partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama to make food healthier by dramatically reducing sugar and salt content, and to make healthy food more affordable by reducing prices on fresh fruits and vegetables; its $2 billion commitment to fight hunger; its pledge to remove 20 million metric tons of carbon from its global supply chain; and Walmart's overall corporate giving which reached $800 million last year. Leslie serves on the board of directors of the World Resources Institute and the United Negro College Fund.

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