Lesley Chilcott

is a documentary-film producer. After being a producer on the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, Chilcott partnered with director Davis Guggenheim to form Electric Kinney Films, a feature documentary production company. Chilcott began her career at MTV Networks and was part of the creation of the first “MTV Movie Awards.” She left MTV to launch Tenth Planet Productions, producing music specials and more multi-camera shows. After Tenth Planet, Chilcott moved on to producing music videos and commercials as an independent producer. Chilcott has produced It Might Get Loud, the Barack Obama bio-film A Mother’s Promise for the Democratic National Convention, the animated short It Was A Dark and Silly Night, and Waiting for Superman. She also co-founded the nonprofit Unscrew America to address sustainability and environmental issues.

Videos/Audio of Lesley Chilcott

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