Kevin Turner

Founder, The Kevin Turner Foundation

Kevin Turner is founder of the Kevin Turner Foundation. He played eight brutal seasons in the NFL. As a fullback in the ’90s for the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, he delivered countless punishing hits on defenders and absorbed thousands of bone-rattling collisions. For his work, Turner suffered multiple concussions, significant nerve damage, and a neck injury that ultimately ended his career. In the years following his retirement, Turner found himself battling depression, headaches, and unexplained memory lapses. Doctors eventually linked his condition to the repeated brain trauma he had been exposed to playing football. Four years later, in May 2010, then 41-year-old Turner was diagnosed with ALS. Never one to quit, by October 2010, Turner had created The Kevin Turner Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, to build awareness about ALS and its connection to brain trauma in athletes.

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