Kah Walla

President, Cameroon’s People’s Party

Kah Walla is managing director of STRATEGIES!, an international consultancy firm. For over 25 years, Walla has been an activist focused on good governance, the rights of women and youth, and the rule of law. She has worked with civil society in Cameroon and throughout Africa, developing policies and projects at international, national, and local levels with farmers, traders, motor bike drivers, persons with disabilities, fishermen, student associations, and governments. On October 9, 2011, Walla ran as a candidate for the presidency of Cameroon. In 2007, she was elected to the Doula City Council and in the years to follow, stood up against a constitutional amendment aimed at eliminating presidential term limits and created a citizen movement to register voters and advocate for electoral reform. She has partnered with Vital Voices–ExxonMobil programs, African Women Leaders as an Economic Force Initiative, and African Women in Public Life.

Videos/Audio of Kah Walla

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