Jack Hidary

is founder of the Jack D. Hidary Foundation. Hidary co-founded EarthWeb/Dice, which earned the BusinessWeek Info Tech 100 Award. Hidary was the co-architect of the successful Cash for Clunkers program, which stimulated the economy by promoting auto sales and reduced America’s oil dependence. Hidary serves on the steering committee of PACENow, a coalition dedicated to retrofitting the nation’s homes and buildings for energy efficiency. Hidary is chairman of SmartTransportation.org, a nonprofit that promotes improved transportation policy. Hidary is co-founder of the Auto X Prize, a $10 million prize for the team who develops an affordable, scalable car that achieves 100 miles per gallon. Hidary is chairman of National Lab Day, an initiative to promote hands-on learning in science and math. Hidary has received numerous awards, including being named Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum.

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