Hala Gorani

Anchor and Correspondent, CNN

Hala Gorani is an anchor on “International Desk” and correspondent for CNN International. In addition to her anchoring duties, Gorani often goes into the field to report on major breaking news stories. She was part of a small team of journalists allowed into Syria last summer for the first time since the protests began. She reported extensively from Jordan and Egypt and has been instrumental in CNN’s coverage of the Arab Spring. Her work in Egypt helped CNN win a Peabody Award recognizing the network’s coverage of the revolts in the Arab world. In 2010, Gorani covered the devastating earthquake in Haiti, for which CNN’s coverage was recognized with a Golden Nymph Award, one of the highest honors in international journalism. Gorani formerly hosted “Inside the Middle East,” a monthly show featuring stories on the most important social, political, and cultural issues in the region.

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