Eythor Bender

CEO, Berkeley Bionics

Eythor Bender is CEO of Berkeley Bionics, the developer and maker of powered, artificially intelligent, and wearable robots known as “exoskeletons” that augment strength, endurance, and mobility in humans. The HULC (human universal load carrier), developed with military troops in mind, allows users to carry up to 200 pounds for hours and over all terrains. And eLEGS is an exoskeleton for wheelchair users that powers paraplegics up to get them standing and walking again. Previously, Bender was the CEO of Rex Bionics. Prior to Rex, Bender spent 13 years in executive management with Ossur Americas where he introduced the first three bionic devices in the world for lower-limb amputees: the Rheo Knee, the Power Knee and the Proprio Foot. The latter is the intelligent prosthetic apparatus of choice used by war veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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