Dennis Dimick

Executive Editor, Environment, National Geographic

Dennis Dimick is National Geographic magazine’s executive editor for the environment. Formerly the magazine’s environment editor, he leads National Geographic’s coverage of environment, energy, and climate issues and has been key to shaping the magazine’s award-winning environmental reporting since 2003. Under his guidance, National Geographic has published stories on saving energy, soil degradation, world oil supplies, biofuels, global ice melt, coal, climate change, and many other environmental issues. The magazine has been recognized with multiple awards for its environmental coverage, including first place for explanatory reporting from the Society of Environmental Journalists in 2008 for stories on climate change and biofuels. Dimick was a key member of the editorial teams for both stories. He has also produced magazine stories about conservation, public lands, wilderness, the Great Plains, and wetlands. He has edited an encyclopedia of world geography and books on the world’s deserts, wildlife refuges, and the Endangered Species Act.

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