David Breashears

Filmmaker, Mountaineer; Executive Director, GlacierWorks

David Breashears is executive director and founder of GlacierWorks. Since 1979, Breashears has combined his skills in mountaineering and photography to become an acclaimed adventure filmmaker, leading over 40 expeditions to the Himalayan region and working on dozens of documentary film projects. Breashears has produced and photographed films for the PBS series “NOVA” and “FRONTLINE” and for National Geographic Television, the BBC, ABC, NBC, and Universal Pictures. He was producer, director, and expedition leader of the IMAX film Everest, the most successful large-format film of all time. He is the recipient of numerous awards for achievement in filmmaking, including four Emmy awards. Breashears has reached the summit of Mount Everest five times.

Videos/Audio of David Breashears

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