Charlie Rose

Executive Editor and Anchor, “Charlie Rose,” PBS; Co-Anchor, “CBS This Morning”

Charlie Rose is executive editor and anchor of “Charlie Rose,” the nightly one-hour interview program that engages in one-on-one in-depth conversation and roundtable discussions about important issues and ideas of our time. He is co-anchor of the daily morning television program “CBS This Morning” and also a contributing correspondent to the CBS news program “60 Minutes.” Since 1991, Rose has done more in-depth hours with Nobel laureates and extraordinary men and women of science, politics, art, business, sports, technology, literature, and entertainment than any other program in the world. These conversations have made Rose the cultural and intellectual custodian of our time, providing accessible profiles of the people who have influenced our world. Rose is the recipient of the Legion d’honneur, numerous awards from the scientific and journalism communities, and many honorary degrees.

Videos/Audio of Charlie Rose

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