Chandrakant D. Patel

Senior Fellow and Director, Sustainable Ecosystems Research Lab, HP Laboratories

Chandrakant D. Patel is an HP senior fellow and director of the Sustainable Ecosystems Research Lab at HP Labs, where he focuses on the creation of a sustainable IT ecosystem with the goal of driving the reduction of carbon emissions throughout the global economy. Patel’s supply- and demand-side approach in creating a sustainable IT ecosystem builds on his pioneering work in the late 1990s on holistically managing available energy as a key resource in data centers. He initiated research in “smart” data centers, emphasizing that the “data center is the computer,” and it requires a management system that enables dynamic provisioning of compute, power, and cooling resources based on the need. The research resulted in a suite of products and services from HP. Patel has helped establish HP’s leadership in energy-efficient computing by founding the HP Labs’ thermal technology research program in the early 1990s and subsequently the data-center architecture program.

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