Carleen Joseph

Carleen Joseph is program director for the Aspen Youth Experience (AYE), an Aspen organization that empowers at-risk teens and young adults from across the US to achieve their potential by providing transforming experiences and continuous follow-up support. As program director, Joseph leads these youth in personal-growth sessions and challenging outdoor experiences, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone and imagine a future far beyond their previously limited beliefs. After more than three years of her childhood being neglected and abused, Joseph was taken into the care of Social Services, where she spent five years in care, in four group homes and two foster homes. After attending a workshop at the first International Child & Youth Care Conference in Vancouver, Joseph became one of seven youth in Canada to create the National Youth in Care Network (NYICN). She continues to contribute to the NYICN as a member of the Ken Dryden Scholarship Committee. Joseph received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Concordia University and a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology from McGill University. She has served as a school counselor in two Washington, DC, charter schools.

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