Arthur Mutambara

Arthur Mutambara is a Zimbabwean opposition leader, president of one of the two Movement for Democratic Change party formations. He also serves as managing director and CEO of the Africa Technology & Business Institute in South Africa and professor of Operations Management at the University of South Africa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership. Extensively involved in socio-economic-political issues in both the US and Africa, he was named one of the World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” in 2007. Mutambara was formerly a director of Standard Bank with responsibilities in 17 African countries. He is also a former Rhodes Scholar, NASA research scientist, MIT professor of Robotics and Mechatronics, visiting professor of Business Strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg School, and management consultant with McKinsey & Company. Mutambara is also a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative, a partnership of the Aspen Institute.

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