Technology: Panacea or Plague?

As educators, parents, policymakers, and psychologists wrestle with the question of what we gain and what we give up as our reliance on technology grows by the day, digital natives often find the question quaint. For them, it’s not black and white — which makes it all the more important to focus our public conversation on the nuances of technology and how we can harness it for good. For so long, we’ve taken a manichaean view of all things tech: On the one hand, technology is the magic elixir that will revolutionize education, communication, opportunity. On the other hand, it’s a menace that threatens the future of communication, government, and human connection. Somewhere between elixir and menace lies the truth about technology and its promise. This discussion will examine myths about technology use, its power to scale solutions to some of our biggest problems, and the implications it has for the way human beings connect in the world.

Festival: 2017

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