The Search for Life Beyond Earth

Are we alone? It’s an age-old quandary, and no discussion of space would be complete without addressing the possibility of life beyond Earth. Science and technology have accelerated to the point that we’re only about ten to 20 years from being able to answer the question. What does that mean to us as humans? Join an astronaut and a theoretical physicist as they ponder the possibilities. John Grunsfeld is NASA’s recently retired science chief. He famously helped repair the Hubble Telescope in orbit and was in charge during monumental NASA moments like the Mars rover Curiosity touchdown and New Horizons Mission flyby of Pluto. Lawrence Krauss is director of the Origins Project, a professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, and author of nine books including the New York Times bestsellers A Universe from Nothing, and The Physics of Star Trek.

Festival: 2016

Watch and Listen: Innovations

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