National Service: Creating Unity, Civility, and Opportunity in a Time of Division and Isolation

Today, the common experience of citizenship in the United States is more important than ever. We’re more connected technologically, but we’re more isolated socially, and drifting apart from each other geographically, politically, economically, religiously, and culturally. There’s a chance—right now—for bold action to inspire a renewed sense of citizenship that will fundamentally change our country: making national service a common expectation and common opportunity for young Americans of all backgrounds. The session will explore how to make that happen: How do we engage the next president to prioritize it? What will it take to inspire young Americans to make this alternative choice and make it a mainstream option after high school or college? How can institutions—higher education, employers, and high schools—incentivize it? How do we move this idea from nice to necessary?

Speakers: Zach Maurin
Festival: 2016

Watch and Listen: U.S.A.

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