Mind Change: How Digital Technologies Are Leaving Their Mark on Our Brains

We live in a world unimaginable only decades ago: a domain of backlit screens, instant information, and vibrant experiences that can out-compete dreary reality. Our cutting-edge technologies offer incredible opportunities for work and play. But at what price? Disputing the assumption that our technologies are harmless tools, neuroscientist Susan Greenfield brings together a range of scientific studies, news events, and cultural criticism and exposes how neuronal networking may be affected by unprecedented bombardments of audiovisual stimuli. She also delves into the potential benefits of our digital lifestyle. In a world where adults spend ten hours a day online and where tablets are the common means by which children learn and play, Greenfield reveals the complex physiological, social, and cultural ramifications of living in the digital age.

Speakers: Susan Greenfield
Festival: 2015

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