Learning Revolution: How Neuroscience Can Change a Nation’s Mathematical Future

There is a big elephant standing in most math classrooms: the idea that only some students will do well in math. While parents, students, and many teachers believe it, the latest brain research tells us that this is wrong and that the messages we carry around in our heads about our own potential change the functioning of our brains. Until we transform the messages given in classrooms, homes, and through the media, the widespread math failure and severe inequalities that harm our country will continue. Additionally, math instruction needs an overhaul. When it is taught as a narrow, speed-based, procedural subject, only a few students can engage or do well, but when we open mathematics and teach creative, visual, deep, and beautiful math, everything changes. Students are excited, they enjoy math, achieve at high levels, and continue on to mathematical futures.

Speakers: Jo Boaler
Festival: 2015

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