The Last Mile in Community Health: Reaching the Hardest to Serve An Ideas Incubator Presentation

Featured scholar: Sam Kargbo // Leaders and on-the-ground innovators are finding new ways to connect the hardest-to-serve populations with effective care. More than 5 million community health workers in more than 25 countries are reaching isolated populations and taking aim at disparities, from Rwanda, Uganda, and Liberia to Seattle and Camden, New Jersey. But systems barriers still need to be overcome in many places and resource commitments are essential. Following a day-long, invitation-only Ideas Incubator, which brings together selected public, private, and NGO experts just before Spotlight Health kicks off, this “report-out” will identify actions and principles that can have a practical impact on community health. What does it take to reach the hardest to serve, and how can we join together to make that happen?

Festival: Spotlight Health 2015

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