How Media and Technology Are Altering Our Culture: A Case in Point—The Olympic Games

A discussion with Comcast Corporation Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts and NBC Olympic primetime host Bob Costas. The rapid advances in technology are changing how we interact with events that resonate across our culture. Not that long ago, we all watched the same thing at the same time. Now we watch not just on our TVs but on our phones and tablets or through apps. Or we consume content via Twitter, Buzzfeed, or Snapchat. What are the social and economic implications of these changes? And how has it altered coverage, reporting, and viewing for a stretch of 17 days––a rare moment in today’s siloed world when almost everyone is actually paying attention to the same thing? What does the coverage of the Olympics today tell us about the future of media?

Festival: 2016

Watch and Listen: U.S.A.

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