Dispatches from the Split Screen: Islam and the Media

As the Western media reacted to the horrific attacks on the office of Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher deli in Paris, producers from news outlets around the country picked up their phones, looking for people to speak for the Muslim global community. When violent jihadists take lives, Muslim public intellectuals are often asked to explain, make distinctions, or even apologize. As has been the case many times in the years since September 11, 2001, Islam writ large found itself sharing the screen with images of terror from around the world. Arsalan Iftikhar, Dalia Mogahed, and Reza Aslan share their stories from years spent on speed dial, answering for Islam. They reflect on the media’s role in distributing images of violence and propaganda, and the editorial decisions around when to publish — or not — images of the Prophet.

Festival: 2015

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