Deep Dive: Reporting 2016—Media Responsibility in the Mobile Age

Featured Ideas Festival Scholar includes Liz Plank. A robust fourth estate is central to the education of an engaged citizenry and healthy democracy. It informs us, shapes our thinking, and holds our leaders and institutions accountable. But if Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump agree on one thing this election season, it’s that political media is malfunctioning. On television, rating-driven programming fixates on certain candidates and looks past others, declaring “breaking news” on a few stories too many. And on the Internet, clickbait, automated aggregation, and sponsored content confuse and compromise informative reporting, too often within partisan echo chambers. Yet great reporting lives on across all platforms, and new technologies continue to redefine who’s reporting and how. Join us for a conversation about how the current media landscape is impacting our democracy. What’s broken? What’s new? And what does the future hold?

Festival: 2016

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