Counterterrorism, Counterinsurgency, and Contradictions: America's Lessons Learned in Afghanistan

For well over one decade after 9/11, America pursued three very different and difficult campaigns in Afghanistan. The CIA waged a war in the shadows to dismantle Al Qaeda, the U.S. military battled a resilient Taliban insurgency, and the State Department led efforts to help the Afghan people establish a legitimate government and repair their war-torn country. The missions unavoidably led to contradictions as different values were placed on counterinsurgency warfare, sustainable development, the promotion of rule of law, and clandestine operations against a deadly terrorist organization. Karl Eikenberry, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan from 2009-2011 and twice a military commander of coalition forces in that country, will discuss the lessons we might draw for future large scale interventions into countries suffering from wars of internal disorder.

Festival: 2015

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