Beyond Test Scores: Educating the Whole Student for Success

Students today face a complex, economically competitive future. Yet in too many schools, they are missing a critical piece of their education. Our K-12 schools appropriately emphasize the rigorous academic skills students need to be ready for college and career. But now there is compelling evidence that we must complement the focus on academic achievement with development of social and emotional competencies and mindsets that form the foundation upon which all other success depends: Managing nonacademic life in college. Workplace readiness. Life skills beyond school. Powerful brain science demonstrates that students who have a sense of belonging and purpose, who can work well with peers to solve problems, and who can persevere through challenges, are significantly more likely to reach their full potential. Employers too are increasingly prioritizing these “soft skills.” Join in conversation with some of the nation’s most expert and engaged leaders in this movement to develop the whole student.

Festival: 2016

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