2022 Schedule

Monday, May 9th
Monday, May 9th
1:15pm–05:00pm EDT
Powering a Floating City

*Buses depart Miami Beach Convention Center at 1:15 pm. Buses return at 5pm. In the quest to decarbonize the maritime industry by 2050 and reduce local air pollution, cruise ships, major cruise ports, and local power companies are collaborating to invest in shore power systems that allow cruise ships and other vessels to “plug in” and turn off their engines while in port. The partnership of Mia...

PortMiami — Special Event
3:30pm–05:00pm EDT
Leveraging the U.S.-India Relationship to Finance the World’s Clean Energy Transition

For most nations, there exists a significant chasm between their net zero targets and the climate financing necessary to reach their ambitious goals. For India, $10.1 trillion is required to achieve its 2070 net zero target, and though President Biden has promised to push Congress to double climate finance to developing countries by 2024, these promises still fall significantly short of what is ne...

New World Center, Truist Pavilion — Breakout
4:30pm–05:30pm EDT
Artist Showcase: Brigid Baker

At the opening reception, Brigid Baker presents a version of her new work “Numinous Land”. Incorporating dance, music, and hand-worked fabrications from mediums such as such as papier mache and found items, “Numinous Land” speaks of stewardship of the earth and of regaining the dignity of materiality lost in a campaign to transcend nature - to conquer, to separate ourselves, and to be mistaken abo...

Miami Beach Botanical Garden — Other
5:30pm–07:15pm EDT
Opening Session

It’s opening night. NBC’s weather icon Al Roker shares his thoughts on this climate moment . Two leading thinkers lay out a blueprint for saving the planet. How we can cut the bickering and cut methane. A top researcher provides a data-rich reality check on emissions goals. Nancy Pelosi lays out Congress’ climate priorities.

New World Center, New World Symphony Hall — Opening Session
7:15pm–08:30pm EDT
Opening Reception

Join us for drinks and food at the opening night reception for all attendees. Please note, the walk from New World Center to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is about 9 minutes.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden — Reception
7:30pm–08:00pm EDT
Cara Despain Fashion Show

This event is open to the public. Cara Despain presents Plasticene Swimwear Line—a line of women’s swimsuits intended to intervene in the problematic clothing and fashion swimsuit industry. Incorporating imagery of ocean garbage and flooding impacts from sea level rise, Plasticine Swimwear Line aims to disrupt luxury and leisure industries' expected narratives in a call to action. The line will...

Miami Beach Botanical Garden — Other
8:00pm–11:00pm EDT
Film Screening: Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Japan | 117 minutes | 1984 From one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the history of animation comes Hayao Miyazaki's epic masterpiece Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. One thousand years after a war devastated much of the Earth, humanity clings to existence at the fringes of a vast, polluted forest inhabited by monstrous insects. Only Nausicaä, the princess...

MARC Bulding, FIU Campus — Other
8:00pm–09:30pm EDT
Public Wallcast of Evening Plenary

Aspen Ideas: Climate welcomes the public to watch the evening plenary program on the wallcast from Soundscape Park, outside the New World Center.

Soundscape Park — Other
9:30pm–11:59pm EDT
Nightly Short Film Program

Please note, 9:30 pm is an approximate start time. The film program will begin as soon as the Wallcast of the evening Plenary program is complete. Films Include: A.S.T.'s (Alliance of the Southern Triangle) Intertidal (12 minutes) Dale Andree's Such Rooted Things (15 minutes) Domingo Castillo's Tropical Malaise: Prologue (18 minutes) Coral Morphologic's Coral City Fluorotour (5 minute...

Soundscape Park — Other
Tuesday, May 10th
8:00am–09:30am EDT

Breakfast is provided in both the Miami Beach Convention Center 4th floor lobby and the New World Center lobby.

New World Center Lobby & MBCC 4th Floor Lobby — Misc
8:45am–11:30am EDT
City of Miami Beach Resilience Tour

Guided tour of mitigation and adaptation efforts in Miami Beach. The tour will start in South Pointe Park and continue to Sunset Harbour, the blueprint neighborhood for sea-level rise adaptation. Limited capacity. Free. Tour given by Elizabeth Wheaton of Corvias. Meet outside the front entrance of the Miami Beach Convention Center on Convention Center Drive to board the bus. The bus will depart...

Miami Beach Convention Center — Other
9:30am–11:00am EDT

Top architects talk sustainable design, and an entrepreneur turns buildings into Teslas. Eric Schmidt says tech is our greatest hope. The National Parks Foundation makes an announcement. A Miami high schooler shares a big idea, Chief Sustainability Officers track trends in corporate policies, and the head of the $10 billion Bezos Earth Fund discusses philanthropy’s role in the climate fight.

New World Center, New World Symphony Hall — Plenary Session

A conservative shares an alternative approach to fighting climate change. How private equity can drive solutions. How Apple and Conservation International have more in common than you think. Why companies, organizations, and cities are collaborating across sectors, and who’s lining up behind the Amazon Climate Pledge. National Geographic makes a big announcement, and a new UN watchdog committee ex...

Miami Beach Convention Center, Sunset Vista A (4th Floor) — Plenary Session
11:30am–12:30pm EDT
Living Laboratories: What Parks and Protected Areas Teach Us About Climate Solutions

As of last year, more than 70 countries had agreed to set a target of safeguarding 30% of their land and sea territory by 2030 to help preserve nature and biodiversity. Protected areas like National Parks, Monuments, and Marine Sanctuaries serve as “living laboratories,” allowing researchers to track how nature is adapting to climate change in the absence of most other human disturbances. Increasi...

Miami Beach Convention Center, Breakout Room 1 (Sunset Vista C, 4th Floor) — Breakout
The Inside Game: Driving Corporate Action

While external pressure and divestment strategies have long been used to influence the sustainability actions of companies, investors and advocacy organizations have begun employing more internally focused approaches. These vary from the adversarial (shareholder proxy fights) to the collegial (partnership agreements between NGOs and big firms). In this session, we’ll explore the range of these app...

Miami Beach Convention Center, Breakout Room 2 (Room 224-225, 2nd Floor) — Breakout
2100 and the Buoyant City

As sea levels rise in Miami, so do concerns that much of the city’s historic districts will themselves soon be history. Today, the urgency of the challenge is inspiring a raft of innovative ideas to keep the city afloat, including the introduction of Venice-like canals. Join us for a conversation on how to create a more buoyant Miami through preservation, adaptation, and the strength of local comm...

Miami Beach Convention Center, Breakout Room 3 (Room 226-227, 2nd Floor) — Breakout
Big Ideas From the Frontlines

It’s no secret that extreme weather, like many other challenges, disproportionately impacts society’s most vulnerable. So naturally, the communities most affected have a unique understanding of the greatest pain points — and of the most effective possible solutions. This conversation highlights big ideas from leaders with disabilities to experts in India, the Caribbean, and Costa Rica on how to wi...

Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Banyan Room — Breakout
11:30am–12:15pm EDT
Launching the Next Generation of Leaders and Solutions: Higher Education’s Role in the Climate Crisis

Higher education remains an indispensable launchpad for big ideas and cutting edge research - as well as a place for the next generation of leaders to explore their roles in the world. So how can higher education help lead the way in the battle against climate change? What can administrators, faculty and students themselves do to forge a more sustainable path forward?

New World Center, Truist Pavilion — Breakout
12:30pm–02:00pm EDT

Miami Beach Convention Center, 4th Floor Lobby — Misc
1:00pm–01:45pm EDT
What, why, and how? Climate Action with the Global Warming Mitigation Project

Each year, through the Keeling Curve Prize, the Global Warming Mitigation Project awards projects and programs worldwide that have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or increase carbon uptake. In this panel, leaders of the GWMP share insight on the selection process, and finalists expand on their ideas that have put them in the running to win.

Miami Beach Convention Center, Breakout Room 2 (Room 224-225, 2nd Floor) — Breakout
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