2019 Schedule

Sunday, June 23rd
Sunday, June 23rd
2:00pm–02:50pm MDT
2019 Festival
The Bauhaus-Aspen Connection

The Bauhaus was among the most progressive art schools in Europe in the first half of the 20th century. While it existed for only a brief period of time, from 1919 to 1933, its influence on international art, architecture, and design, as well as on educational theory and practice, is unparalleled. A key figure in the history of the school was Herbert Bayer, a Bauhaus master who ultimately spent ne...

Koch Building, Lauder Room — Festival Previews
2019 Festival
Good by Design: How Social Entrepreneurs Accelerate Possibility

Where others see challenges, social entrepreneurs see opportunity. Hear from the innovators who build a better tomorrow out of broken systems. How did they approach the design of their world-changing innovations? Learn how they harness the power of collaboration to advance systems-level change, their successes and challenges along the way, and what they see on the horizon.

Koch Tent — Festival Previews
2019 Festival
Fighting the Drug (Cost) Wars

Koch Building, Booz Allen Hamilton Room — Festival Previews
7:00pm–08:00pm MDT
2019 Festival
Finding My Voice

How did an Iranian-born single mom make her way to the “room where it happened,” ultimately serving as one of the closest advisors to the president of the United States? Join Valerie Jarrett as she tells her story, from breaking race and gender barriers in the 1970s and 1980s to working on equality for women and girls, civil rights, and our criminal justice system — along the way offering real sto...

Belly Up Aspen — Evening Session
In town event
2019 Festival
(Re)Building the Good Society

In a time of uncertainty, rapid change, and disruption, who is best positioned to move society forward? Many are losing faith not only in government, but in the institutions of journalism, nonprofits, and higher education. What role should these organs of civil society play in today’s fractured world, and how can people of good will come together to best make a difference? Join Aspen Institute Pre...

Paepcke Auditorium — Evening Session
8:30pm–09:30pm MDT
2019 Festival
In Conversation with Paul Ryan

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan talks with Judy Woodruff about his life after Congress. How have the policies he helped implement fared under the current administration? What are Ryan’s views on current economic policies? He'll address what is going well, what we can do better, and the issues he'll prioritize in his post-Washington world. Underwritten by Southern Company.

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Evening Session
In town event
Monday, June 24th
7:50am–08:40am MDT
2019 Festival
Brexit, or Bust?

The resignation of Theresa May and the subsequent victory of Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party in the EU Parliament elections paint a portrait of an extremely polarized United Kingdom, with deep divides between those who favor Farage’s hardline stance toward Europe and those who favor a re-do on Brexit. What’s at stake for the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the global community as October a...

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Breakfast Talk
In town event
8:00am–08:50am MDT
2019 Festival
Thinking Machines and the Future of Humanity

Within our lifetimes, AI will, by design, begin to behave unpredictably, thinking and acting in ways which defy human logic. Big tech companies may be inadvertently building and enabling vast arrays of intelligent systems that don't share our motivations, desires, or hopes for the future of humanity. Is it too late to change course and realize a human-centered future for artificial intelligence?

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Breakfast Talk
2019 Festival
America’s Cities Redefining Economic Progress

America’s heartland is quietly upending traditional notions of how cities work to deliver on their promise of shared prosperity. This means local governments, philanthropy, and the private sector have to work together and work differently. Jennifer Bradley of the Center for Urban Innovation and Rip Rapson of the Kresge Foundation discuss how leaders from Detroit, Fresno, Memphis, and elsewhere are...

Koch Building, Lauder Room — Aspen Policy Series
2019 Festival
WTF (Where They’re From)

All great superheros have origin stories, those profound life experiences that compel them to fight for a cause. Join us for a breakfast conversation with three remarkable Aspen New Voices Fellows who have turned their life experiences into power to address some of the world’s most difficult social issues. Metsehate Ayenekulu, the daughter of a child bride who narrowly escaped a similar fate herse...

Koch Building, Booz Allen Hamilton Room — Aspen Policy Series
9:10am–10:00am MDT
2019 Festival
My Life Is Awesome, so Why Can't I Enjoy It?

Despite decades of economic growth, the population as a whole — and surprisingly — is slightly less happy. On paper, many have lives that appear awesome, but they're just not feeling it. Even those with great material and financial affluence are not as psychologically well-off as they could be. Laurie Santos, professor of psychology and teacher of Yale's most popular class ever, will explore this...

Greenwald Pavilion — Plenary Session
2019 Festival
Race, Reckoning, and Leadership in Tough Times

In April of 2018, two black men walked into a Starbucks in Philadelphia for a business meeting. Ten minutes later, while waiting for their colleague to arrive, a manager called the police and they were arrested. Rosalind Brewer, one of the most accomplished African American women in business had just become COO of Starbucks. In navigating how the company should respond to this incident and the har...

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Plenary Session
2019 Festival
The Value of Everything

The award-winning economist Mariana Mazzucato has been called the “world’s scariest economist.” Why? She challenges us to reconsider capitalism as it exists today. Focusing on innovation-led, inclusive, and sustainable growth, Mazzucato examines the critical — and misunderstood — role that governments play in fostering innovation. Her latest book, The Value of Everything, examines the difference b...

Paepcke Auditorium — Plenary Session
10:20am–11:10am MDT
2019 Festival
Today's Investments for Tomorrow’s Global Workforce

Achieving shared prosperity requires internal and external investments in both skills development and the tools that enable financial mobility. Corporations are recognizing and prioritizing these investments to empower a multi-generational workforce better suited for the future. Panelists will examine the complexities that corporate leaders are facing like how to establish cross-sector partnership...

Doerr-Hosier Center, McNulty Room — Breakout
2019 Festival
Harnessing the Power of Emotions

When we understand how our emotions work — and how they can trick us for both good and bad outcomes — we can turn them into superpowers. This panel of researchers and practitioners explores intriguing ways to think about emotions and reveals keys to successfully navigate our inner lives.

Koch Building, Lauder Room — Breakout
2019 Festival
'Family Secrets' and the Art of the Podcast

How do family secrets shape and distort us? Will exposing them liberate us? Dani Shapiro dared to tell a newly discovered family secret in her best-selling memoir, "Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love" and then created the wildly popular podcast “Family Secrets,” to provide others a forum to tell their life-altering experiences. Shapiro reflects on her journey thus far, the pow...

Koch Building, Booz Allen Hamilton Room — Breakout
2019 Festival
Churchill: Walking with Destiny

Historian Andrew Roberts examines Churchill's description of becoming prime minister in May 1940: "I felt as if I were walking with destiny and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial.” The trial, of course, was an existential one for Britain, but Churchill’s career — and his confidence — helped lead the nation and the Allies through a global conflagration...

Paepcke Auditorium — Breakout
2019 Festival
Restorative Design: Mending Humanity’s Relationship with Nature

The threads that connect humans to their natural environments have frayed, and some have completely severed. In an attempt to mend those we still can, designers are forging meaningful connections with nature to make reparations. Their collaborative processes — working with nature and in teams across multiple disciplines — are optimistic, but urgent. In this session, learn how designers engage with...

Koch Tent — Breakout
12:00pm–12:50pm MDT
2019 Festival
China's Next Chapter

It’s easy, in the United States, to talk about China as a monolith. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. As in the West, Chinese society is divided by inequality, geography, gender, and generation — after all, China is home to more than one billion people. As we seek to understand China’s role in the 21st century, we do well to consider where change is coming from inside Xi’s China....

Madeleine K. Albright Pavilion — Lunch Session On Campus
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