2022 Schedule

Wednesday, June 22nd
Wednesday, June 22nd
10:00am–05:00pm MT
2022 Health
Aspen Ideas: Health Registration

Ideas Pavilion — Registration
2:00pm–03:00pm MT
2022 Health
Tour of the Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies

Join us for a tour of Herbert Bayer: An Introduction—a landmark exhibition of over 150 of Bayer’s modernist masterpieces. On view through late 2022 at the new Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies, the show is the first major US career-wide survey of Bayer in nearly fifty years. Operating as an exhibition space and platform for research, the Bayer Center promotes widespread appreciation for the...

Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies — Special Event
3:30pm–04:30pm MT
2022 Health
After COVID: Preventing the Next Pandemic

For decades, public health experts warned of a coming pandemic and developed recommendations to prepare—yet when it arrived, the response was a catastrophic failure. With better surveillance, perhaps we could have slowed the worldwide spread of the virus. Had the threat become less politically charged, a consensus-driven strategy might have slowed it down. Certainly, stronger global governance and...

North Star Tent — Plenary Session
6:00pm–07:15pm MT
2022 Health
Opening Reception (Immediately following Opening Session)

Doerr-Hosier Center — Reception
7:30pm–08:30pm MT
2022 Health
Curbing Gun Violence through Public Health

The statistics on gun violence are numbing—more than 45,000 firearms-related deaths in the US, far more than in any other wealthy country. Suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths, followed by homicides, and mass shootings are an almost-daily horror that have not lost their power to shock. Any reasoned debate about how best to curb the killing must also consider that 40 percent of all American h...

Paepcke Auditorium — Evening Session
8:00pm–09:00pm MT
2022 Health
The Power of Awe

Gazing up at the stars, watching the acrobatics of Cirque de Soleil, or experiencing a moment of religious rapture connects us to something that feels larger than ourselves. Seeking out a regular dose of awe can strengthen the immune system, increase feelings of gratitude and compassion, lift up people who have experienced trauma, and change our perception of the world around us. But modern cultur...

Hotel Jerome Ballroom — Evening Session
In town event
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