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Quote: Society

 Youth sports has been professionalized, if not in terms of the money, at least in terms of the values.
—Jeremy Schaap, 2012 Aspen Ideas
What if the US leadership proposed in the next round of the US-China Dialogue that the energy-hungry engines of global prosperity join together to discuss how they could cooperate in reducing their dependence on oil?
—Kevin G. Nealer
Real community happens when people tell the truth to each other, and they don’t always have to agree.
—Michel Martin, 2011 Aspen Ideas
I don't go into the yearning. I take things as they come to me. And that's a better way to be.
—Frank Gehry
Exploring how the line between image and reality has been erased: Americans live in the images we create. The fluidity of these changing images negates immutable truth and leaves us apathetic and unable to respond to a real crisis. As Yeats put it, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of furious intensity.
In all our lives, truly, our conviction about things changes as time goes on. The landscape shifts as you climb up a hill — the view changes.
—Tobias Wolff
How can we channel the desire of ordinary people to do good into concrete strategies to trigger epidemic change?
—Jonathan Greenblatt
  I can’t tell you what came first, the behavior on Wall Street or the behavior in sports.
—Craig Robinson, 2012 Aspen Ideas
The challenge today, in our generation, is to extend our notion of equality beyond Americans to all of humanity.
—Jacqueline Novogratz
We need to get away from this crazy adulation of sports stars and rock stars and get back to people who do real art.
—John Hennessy