Our program tracks reflect some of the most significant ideas and issues that touch all parts of society.


2020 tracks

Festival 2
AIF American Idea 2020

The American Idea

In a time when our nation is deeply divided, we have to ask: will the American Idea survive?

Festival 2
AIF New Capitalism 2029

Redefining Capitalism

Boardrooms across America are rethinking the role of purpose.

Festival 2
AIF Arts In Action 2020

Arts in Action

How do artists and cultural leaders impact the way we see the world and our role in it?

Festival 2
AIF China Rising 2020

China Rising

A deep dive into one country whose expanding posture abroad and tightening grip at home is changing everything.

Festival 2
AIF Women 2020

Women 2020

How will we lift up all women — across racial and socioeconomic differences?

Festival 2
AIF Life Happens 2020

Life Happens

Exploring what we can learn in the dark corners of life.

Festival 2
AIF Edge Of What We Know 2020

The Edge of What We Know

Science is an engine of human prosperity that’s a driving force in not only our wellbeing, but the survival of our species.

Festival 2
AIF Totally Wired 2020

Totally Wired: Our Lives on Tech

Exploring humankind’s complex relationship with technology.

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