AIF Partners

Underwriters of the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival represent some of the foremost organizations in the U.S. and around the world. We are proud to present their ideas, their executives, and their important work in the following pages.

Hello. We’re Monsanto.

We represent the future of farming. With more than 20,000 dedicated employees, we are a passionate group of food enthusiasts, innovators, farmers, scientists and parents working towards one goal: making nutritious, affordable food accessible for everyone.

We care about the food that’s on your plate today. We also care about the food that will be available to you tomorrow. For us, it’s not just about growing more food; it’s about growing food more sustainably to ensure a balanced meal for everyone.

We work to provide farmers of all sizes with the tools they need to get the more out of every acre and every harvest. Because when we can grow more using fewer resources we can help ensure that people everywhere have access to safe and affordable food. The tools we develop include:

  •      Seeds – We use breeding and biotechnology with a goal to create seeds that grow into stronger, more resilient crops, which can thrive with less water or produce more per acre. 
  •      Vegetables – We combine traditional breeding with innovative techniques to create more vibrant and flavorful veggies – just like those found in your local grocery store.
  •      Data – We're collaborating with farmers to share real-time weather and field data to help them make the best decisions possible throughout the growing season.
  •      Crop Protection – At any stage, plants are threatened by pests, weeds and disease. We look at the issues that might affect future crop growth and implement solutions to help protect plant health and reduce environmental impact. 
  •      Microbes – We’re collaborating with leading companies to use microbes to improve plant nutrient uptake, promote growth and yield, and provide insect control and disease protection.

Along with most scientists, we agree that climate change is happening, and it affects all of us. Farmers are especially affected by drought, severe weather and other impacts of climate change.

That’s why we’ve made a commitment to reducing our operational footprint to carbon neutral by 2021. We’re also working to reduce food waste, help farmers use data science to improve their farming practices, conserve natural resources and protect the environment. These efforts are essential to ensuring the future of food production and that a balanced, healthy plate is available to all.  

Let’s grow better together. Learn more about our sustainability efforts at and join the conversation at