Aspen Ideas Festival Underwriters

Underwriters of the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival represent some of the foremost organizations in the U.S. and around the world. We are proud to present their ideas, their executives, and their important work in the following pages.
Google has long believed that access to information is intimately connected with access to economic opportunity, and we are creating innovative products and investing in partnerships and initiatives to help enhance economic opportunity for everyone.
In 2017, Google launched Grow with Google, a new set of programs aimed at helping students prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, assisting job seekers with developing digital skills that will help make them more competitive, and helping small businesses harness technology that will allow them to grow and hire more people. We know we can’t do this alone, and through we have made a commitment of $1 billion in grants and 1 million volunteer hours to nonprofits using technology and innovation to tackle social and economic challenges, including preparing for the future of work.
One of those initiatives is the IT Support Professional Certificate, hosted on Coursera—a first-of-its-kind online program to prepare people for roles in IT support. With no previous experience required, beginning learners can become entry-level job ready in eight to 12 months.
We’re proud of the ways our products contribute to the economy. Thanks to the internet, anyone can become an IT support specialist, an entrepreneur, a developer, or a creator. At Google, we believe we have an opportunity to contribute even more through our products, our people, and our philanthropy to help create a world where everyone can leverage technology.