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Aspen Ideas: RE$ET elevated the thinking of policy makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and citizens as they reimagined a new definition of a healthy economy. Scroll down to find links to the plenaries and breakouts featured over the event's two days. Watch what you missed!

The Program

A variety of plenaries and live, breakout sessions were held over Feb. 22-23.

February 22

Plenary 1: Resetting for Equity and Inclusion (4PM ET)

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The 2% Solution: Shifting Capital to Drive Economic Growth
Reed Hastings
, Netflix
Bill Bynum
, Hope Enterprise Corporation
Robert Smith
, Vista Equity Partners

Let's Talk Data
Catarina Saraiva
, Bloomberg News

How to Build an Equitable Financial Ecosystem
Brian Argrett, First Bank of DC
Brandee McHale
, Citi Foundation
Lananh Nguyen
, Bloomberg News

Voices Across America: Everyday People Share Their Stories

Making Change
Aisha Nyandoro
, Springboard to Opportunities

Bridging the Digital Divide: A Key to Economic Success
Jim Clyburn, 6th Congressional District, South Carolina (D)
Naomi Nix
, Bloomberg News

Digital Safety Nets
Amanda Renteria, Code for America
Ida Rademacher
, The Aspen Institute

Making Change
Martin Muoto, SoLa Impact

Hosted by Scarlet Fu, Bloomberg News, and Joanna Smith Ramani, The Aspen Institute

Breakout: Reset the Net for American Workers (5PM ET)

Watch Here

Jamie Kalamarides, Prudential Group Insurance
Karan Chopra, Opportunity@Work
Lananh Nguyen, Bloomberg News

Breakout: The Case for Funding the Arts and Resetting the Creative Economy (6PM ET)

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Anna Deavere Smith, actress, playwright, author, professor, NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Jason Farago, The New York Times
Nataki Garrett, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Jeremy O. Harris, playwright
Kate D. Levin, Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts

February 23

Plenary 2: Resetting for Sustainability (12PM ET)

Watch Here

Biden's Climate Priorities
Gina McCarthy, Biden White House
Leslie Kaufman
, Bloomberg Green

Making Change
Steph Speirs
, Solstice

The Reset for Business and Climate
Jim Coulter, TPG
Ed Hammond, Bloomberg News

Voices Across America: Everyday People Share Their Stories

Let’s Talk Data
Nat Bullard, BloombergNEF

Tech Within Reach
Sophie Purdom, Climate Tech VC
Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg News

Making Change
Donnel Baird
, BlocPower

The Climate Economy: Perspectives from the Senate
Tina Smith
, United States Senator for Minnesota (D)
Aaron Rutkoff
, Bloomberg News

Breakout: Hope Within Context: Mythbusters Workshop on Getting to Net Zero (1PM ET)

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Andrew Jones, Climate Interactive

Breakout: A Mission-Oriented Approach to Stakeholder Capitalism (2PM ET)

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Mariana Mazzucato, University College London
Stephanie Flanders, Bloomberg News

Plenary 3: Resetting U.S.'s Role in the Global Economy (3PM ET)

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Repairing America's Reputation Abroad
Nicholas Burns
, Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Meghan O’Sullivan
, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
John Micklethwait
, Bloomberg News

Making Change
Neena Shenai, American Enterprise Institute

Voices Across America: Everyday People Share Their Stories

US-China Relations: Retain or Reset?
Dave Rank, The Cohen Group
Tom Orlik
, Bloomberg Economics
Chang Shu
, Bloomberg Economics

Making Change
John Banovetz
, 3M

Battling Global Income Inequality
Rajiv Shah
, The Rockefeller Foundation
Dan Porterfield
, The Aspen Institute

Let’s Talk Global Data
Tom Orlik, Bloomberg Economics

Breakout: A National Agenda for Financial Inclusion (4PM ET)

Watch Here

Michael Froman, Mastercard
Adrienne Harris, University of Michigan
Andrea Jung, Grameen America
Stephanie Flanders
, Bloomberg News

Breakout: A Marshall Plan for Moms (4PM ET)

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Reshma Saujani, Girls Who Code
Betsey Stevenson, University of Michigan
Peggy Collins, Bloomberg News

Breakout: Building An Inclusive Recovery for the Long Term (5PM ET)

Watch Here

Jean Case, Case impact Network
Peggy Alford, PayPal
Jenny Surane, Bloomberg News

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