Attend the Aspen Ideas Festival June 22 – July 1

Pass Options and Pricing

Aspen Ideas: Health kicks off the Festival with a dedicated focus on health and medicine. As always, the Aspen Ideas Festival covers a broader array of topics and is divided into two segments: Festival 1 and Festival 2.

Note: Attendees are only permitted to purchase a Festival 1 or Festival 2 pass, therefore the only way to attend both is with the purchase of a Patron Pass.

Contact Deborah Murphy to purchase a pass now. General registration opens in January 12.

Festival 1

June 25 – 28 $5,000

Festival 2

June 28 – July 1 $5,000

Aspen Ideas: Health

June 22 – 25 $2,200

Health pass combined with a Festival 1 or Festival 2 pass, $7,000


June 22 - July 1 $15,000

Trustees and SOF members at the President’s Society level and above have the option to purchase a Patron Pass, which offers access to programming for the entirety of the Festival, June 22 - July 1.

The Festival's fellows program is supported through the generosity of the Patron Pass program and as such, a $3,500 portion of the Patron Pass price is tax deductible. Contact Kristine McAuliff, to upgrade your Society of Fellows membership, or if you have questions.

Society of Fellows

We’re delighted to offer Society of Fellows members a discount and the first opportunity to purchase passes, starting January 5. SOF prices:
Aspen Ideas: Health $2,000
Festival 1 $4,300
Festival 2 $4,300

Special Rates

This rate is for anyone who is under 46 years of age as of July 1, 2022, or anyone who has never purchased a pass to the Festival. (Our registrar will verify your eligibility at the time of purchase.)
First-time attendee Festival 1 or Festival 2 $4,300
Under 46 Festival 1 or Festival 2 $4,300


Aspen Ideas: Health $1,100
1 $2,500
2 $2,500

Contact Deborah Murphy to purchase a pass now. General registration opens in January.

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