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Aspen Ideas: Climate Tech Expo and Job Fair

Open to the public from 9am to 2pm on Tuesday, March 7 and Wednesday, March 8 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Hall B.

The 2023 Aspen Ideas: Climate Energy and Climate Career Fair is a unique opportunity where students and professionals will connect with leading energy and sustainability companies from across the industry. This event is open to the public and promises to be a unique platform to meet with recruiters, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and network with industry leaders and fellow professionals. From March 7-8, join us from 9 am to 2 pm and explore a wide range of job opportunities in the tech and climate space. 

The 2023 Aspen Ideas: Climate Innovation and Technology Expo will provide an exclusive stage for invited startups, public and private companies to showcase real climate action solutions through their technology-based projects. A unique opportunity to meet with enterprises, investors, and network with industry entrepreneurs. This tech ecosystem will generate powerful conversations around innovation and create an even greater tech and entrepreneurial hub.

Stop by Hall B at the Miami Beach Convention Center to explore the following Tech Expo participants:

Arsht-Rock Resilience Pod

Arsht-Rock is partnering with cities and communities around the world to deploy the Community Resilience Pods. These community assets empower people and communities to prepare for and confront climate shocks and stressors. 



Capture6 focuses on enhanced approaches to capturing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Our innovation is driving down the cost of carbon removal to less than $100 USD per tonne today, not just decades into the future.



Carbon Limit

Carbon Limit is a South Florida Climate-tech company with a novel green cement technology that transforms concrete structures in our built environment into active & permanent Carbon Capture & Storage solutions to global CO2 pollution, promoting long term sustainability for greener cities around the world.



Climate Central’s FloodVision™

FloodVision™, an innovative tool developed by Climate Central, uses advanced data collection techniques, AI-based algorithms, and intuitive software to produce highly accurate augmented-reality photos of specific locations in a matter of minutes. Users can choose optional views to contrast meaningful scenarios in their neighborhoods, such as sea levels based on different carbon pathways or local storm surge forecasts from approaching hurricanes.




Coflow Jet Wind Turbines

We are developing the unique and superior co-flow jet(CFJ) wind turbine technology to revolutionize the way we harness wind energy with the following goals: 1) Increase wind energy output and reduce its cost; 2) Expand wind turbines usage to low wind resource areas; 3) Transform wind energy industry by superior co-flow jet(CFJ) wind turbine technology; 4) Protect Mother Earth with sustainable clean wind energy.


Deloitte’s Sustainability Lounge

Seeking a respite? Need a place to relax, catch-up with a colleague, or simply craving a coffee? Check out Deloitte’s Sustainability Lounge. Designed to resemble a rustic greenhouse, Deloitte’s Sustainability Lounge offers a quiet refuge for event attendees. 

For those wanting to learn more about next-gen technologies that can help organizations cultivate a sustainable future, visit the lounge from 11am -1pm for a viewing of Deloitte Demos:  

· GreenLight Solution, Deloitte’s new platform that delivers tech-driven decarbonization insights to help companies chart a path toward net zero, at GreenLight Solution | Deloitte US 

· GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte, which connects climate technology innovation with industry to accelerate decarbonization and adaptation. GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte 

· Deloitte Omnia’s award-winning ESG module is a data-fueled platform that helps us transform ESG information into insights for our clients. Digital Audit Technology – Omnia | Deloitte US  

· Our ESG Spark Experience is a client-centric tech tool around sustainability. Together we can uncover the potential issues or initiatives you may want to consider as a part of your organization’s ESG policy and how Deloitte can play a differentiated role.  

Disaster Tech

We provide practitioner-driven, disaster management software that supports crisis managers to make smarter decisions in preparedness and response that saves lives and protects the environment. ​




Fervo Energy

Delivering 24/7 carbon-free energy through development of next-generation geothermal projects. Our mission is to leverage innovation in geoscience to accelerate the clean energy transition by providing cost-effective, reliable geothermal energy.


General Motors 

Green Game Plan

Apparel has a far-reaching environmental impact, contributing about 10% of total global CO2 emissions. As places of convening and retail apparel, stadiums provide an ideal way to engage the broader public and encourage fans to participate in clothing recycling. This project proposes a comprehensive “Green Game Plan” initiative to help stadiums encourage recycling, engage fans, and partner with athletes to reduce climate impact.



At Mill, we’re building an entirely new system to outsmart waste, starting with food. Uneaten food is the most common material in landfills and most of it comes from households. Wasting food wastes everything: land, water, fertilizer, energy, and effort. What if nothing was wasted? Collective change is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Our goal is to create a new system that’s truly circular.


Ocean Conservancy

Ocean Conservancy is working with you to protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges. Together, we create evidence-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.



OFX EcoSolutions

OFX EcoSolutions is an innovative, environmentally-focused disposition, remediation and carbon offset development company focused, in large part, on utilizing new methodologies to address longstanding challenges primarily in the oil & gas and mining industries. Through our affiliated businesses, our business partners and our diverse and impactful cadre of associates, OFX EcoSolutions helps empower discerning companies and organizations to better achieve their SDG and ESG goals in their quest for circularity and sustainability.


OVI Post

We are Ovipost. We farm bugs. You probably have questions. Bugs and worms are perfect. They eat garbage and turn it into clean protein. They are the world’s best upcycling machines and - if we do it right - will save the planet.



Meet phade® – some very special straws created from nature, for nature. Once composted, they return to the environment. That’s because they’re made with PHA, a material derived from canola oil, making them strong, sturdy, and sustainable.



The ReefLine calls attention to the need for conservation of our oceans and shorelines and the impact that climate change is having on these communities through a stunning new marine art concept off the coast of Miami Beach. Working with scientific data and studies from renowned scientists, international artists are designing an interactive art installation that will serve as an artificial reef and can be used to educate residents, visitors, and environmentalists about the importance of healthy coral reefs.



Seabin Project is a clean tech startup on an ambitious mission to help solve the global problem of ocean plastic pollution and ocean conservation.


Subject to Climate

We are on a mission to make climate change teaching and learning accessible to all. By enabling educators from all subjects and grade levels to teach about climate change, we believe that the next generation will be inspired to take climate action.



Verizon + Hyfi

Do you have a game-changing climate tech solution? The Verizon Climate Resilience Prize will select four start-ups that leverage 5G-enabled technologies to help alleviate the impacts of climate change on under-resourced communities. Each winning start-up will receive $125,000 in funding and additional support to plan, deploy and scale their solution. Apply now!


Time to Act

Public Art, Film, and Performances

In conjunction with the Aspen Ideas: Climate conference taking place on Miami Beach March 6-9, 2023 the City of Miami Beach and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs will present a series of temporary site-specific public art commissions highlighting issues related to climate change and sea level rise. Learn more about viewing Visual Art at the Tech Expo space, Miami Beach Convention Center, Hall B.

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