How We Can Listen Across Divides

David Isay at the Aspen Ideas Festival in the summer of 2017.
David Isay, founder of the oral storytelling project StoryCorps, once said that in this moment where our country feels ripped down the middle, “there’s a way, I think, to have civil, thoughtful co

States vs. Federal Government: Who Wins?

Nov 15, 2017
CATEGORY: Society, U.S.A.
Josh Shapiro, Heather Gerken, and Elliot Gerson speak at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June.
What happens when the states and federal government don’t agree? Conflict between these institutions stretches back to disputes between Alexander Hamilton, a champion of federal authority, and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who supported states’ rights.

Apply to Be a 2018 Bezos Scholar!

Nov 09, 2017
CATEGORY: Society, Education
The 2017 Bezos Scholars pose for a picture in Aspen, Colorado, where the Aspen Ideas Festival is held.
The Bezos Scholars Program is now accepting applications for its 2018 cohort. Eligible public high school juniors apply with the support of the school.