Moooving from Cows to Crickets: New Forms of Protein

Shobhita Soor, co-founder of Aspire Food Group, speaks at Spotlight Health.
For billions of people around the globe, insects are a common cuisine at the dinner table. A variety of bugs provide critical protein in areas where meat is in short supply, often in poor regions.

How Do Young People View the Supreme Court?

Jeffrey Rosin, Neal Katyal, and Nancy Gertner at the Aspen Ideas Festival in summer 2016.
The beauty of the justice system in America is that an attorney without a big law firm and volumes of law books can win a case, if he has a good argument.

Does Digital Disruption Lead to Fewer Jobs or More Jobs?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella speaks with Aspen Institute President Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Big Data Can Tell Us How Happy We Are

Author Andrew Zolli at Spotlight Health 2016. He works on issues at the intersection of innovation, social change, and resilience. 
The smiley faces you use to adorn friends’ Facebook posts are more than just cute cartoon icons. Scientists are using them for psychological research. In 2013, researchers at UC Berkeley partnered with Facebook to create a set of emojis that represent humans’ complex emotions.

What Should Be Done to Help the Working Class?

Michael Froman, Steven Rattner, and Gillian Tett at the Aspen Ideas Festival in June 2016.

Why Agriculture Needs to Consider Mothers’ Nutrition

Sathya Raghu, Lindiwe Majele Sibanda, Matthew Dillon, Edward Mabaya, Inge Kauer, and former US Senator Thomas Daschle at Spotlight Health 2016.