Dixon Chibanda

Psychiatrist; Researcher, Wellcome Trust; DELTAS Africa Awardee, University of Zimbabwe

Dixon Chibanda is a psychiatrist, a Wellcome Trust researcher, and a DELTAS (Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training, and Science) Africa awardee at the University of Zimbabwe. A consultant psychiatrist since 2004, his interests include community mental health, with a focus on integrating mental health strategies into existing public health programs, such as the prevention of mother-to-child transmission, immunization, and HIV/AIDS. Chibanda is also developing, testing, and validating alternative interventions to address mental, neurological, and substance-use disorders. He developed the Friendship Bench program, a community-based mental health intervention that has been scaled up to more than 70 primary care clinics in Zimbabwe. 

Videos/Audio of Dixon Chibanda

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